Focus & Scope

Glossary: Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah only accepts Indonesian, English, and Arabic. The focus of the journal Glossary Of Sharia Economics is efforts to actualize a better understanding of Islamic scholarship and thought and to provide convenience for readers with a better understanding of Islamic Economics in Indonesia by presenting developments through the publication of articles. The journals that can be submitted are in the form of research results, conferences, seminars and workshops, case studies, and annual reports on Islamic studies, especially Sharia Economic Law.

The Sharia Economic Law Journal accepts articles in the following fields:

  • Islamic Economics
  • Islamic Public Finance
  • Islamic finance
  • Sharia accounting
  • Islamic Business Ethics
  • Islamic Banking
  • Sharia Insurance
  • Sharia Non-Bank Financial Institutions
  • Islamic Financial Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Sharia Capital Market
  • Sharia Micro Finance
  • And other topics related to Islamic economics and business law