Author Guidlines

Glossary : Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah only accepts articles from research results, conferences/seminars. Case studies, book review results and annual reports in Indonesian, English and Arabic. The criteria for submitted articles must meet the criteria set by the Glossary of Sharia Economics journal team. Articles must be in Microsoft Word format (doc, docx) and sent via the journal website or you can also send them to the journal email:  . The maximum length of the article is 20 pages, including references, attachments, tables and images. In general, an article should consist of the following: ​

  1. Articles submitted to our editorial team will be considered for publication if they meet the following criteria:

Articles must discuss the theme of Sharia Economics or other related topics, written in either English or Indonesian or Arabic.

  1. Articles must be original and based on research and literature reviews that contribute to the development of Sharia Economics.
  2. Articles must be original, research-based, unpublished, and not under review for possible publication in another journal.
  3. Article writing consists of title, author's name, institution, email address, abstract, keywords, content and references.
  4. The manuscript must be typed in MS document format with the font name
  5. The title of the manuscript in Indonesian consists of a maximum of 12 words, whereas if it is in English it consists of a maximum of 10 words. The manuscript must be accompanied by an abstract and keywords in English and Indonesian. as well as the essence and keywords in Indonesian. Abstract  and digest each consist  of  200-250  words. Keywords  and keywords each consist of  3-5 words. Articles must be typed in  Microsoft Word  with RTF (Rich Text Format) or Doc. (Word document) and sent to the editor via the online Journal System (OJS). The abstract is written starting from academic anxiety or research gaps, research objectives, methods, to results and conclusions ​
  6. Other related issues should be referred to the sample articles provided or contact our technical team via email:
  7. After submitting the manuscript through the OJS system, the author can send the manuscript in softcopy form to:  

Arinal rahmati
Telepon: 082246159385