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Jurnal Al Mashaadir merupakan jurnal yang memuat naskah di bidang Hukum Ekonomi Syariah dan Hukum Keluarga. Ruang lingkup dari Jurnal Al Mashaadir berupa hasil penelitian dan  kajian analitis-kritis di bidang Hukum Ekonomi Syariah dan Hukum Keluarga. Pemu

Al Mashaadir : Jurnal Ilmu Syariah

P-ISSN : 2722-2276

E-ISSN : 2722-2268

Al Mashaadir : Jurnal Ilmu Syariah (Journal of Syariah Science) is an open access journal to promote the results of studies and research in the field of sharia science. This journal is a journal that contains manuscripts in the fields of Sharia Economic Law and Islamic Family Law to the world of knowledge.

The scope of Al Mashaadir is the results of research and critical analysis studies in the fields of Islamic Economic Law, Islamic Family Law, Islamic finance including economics, business and management with the aim of being a credible platform for academics and researchers around the world to disseminate their works, studies. , papers, and other forms of research.

Al Mashaadir aims to become a scientific journal with a national and international reputation and to promote the advancement, understanding and practice of Islamic economics and Islamic family law. Submission of manuscripts in this journal must be done via online submission.

This journal is published in print and online and can be downloaded for free on this website. The frequency of publication is twice a year, namely June and December.

More information and instructions for Authors are available on the Author Guideline menu. The submitted article will go through a review process by reviewers. Al Mashaadir is published by the  Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Syariah (Islamic College of Syariah Science) Ummul Ayman, Pidie Jaya, Aceh, Indonesia.

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